Index to Documents related to Lawsuit requesting affirmative action in validating candidate qualifications:


Key Arguments


Sam Reed Secretary of State Lawsuit 10/10/08


Press release 10/10/08


Events 10/13/08

    Released Summons to Sam Reed Secretary of State (service by  10/16/08)

    Released Copy of Summons to Rob McKenna Attorney General (service by  10/14/08)



National Press Release 10/10/22

Motion For Preliminary Injunction Hearing

Set For 10/27/08  Judge Erlick W1060 Seattle 3rd St Superior Court

Exhibit N Exchange with Office of Sec State

Exhibit G Exchange with Director of Elections

Clarification Response10/23/08

Defense Argues For Dismissal based on Statutes10/27/08

Plaintiff Argues for Justice based on Constitution and Statutes and rebuts Defense10/27/08

Post Mortem after Trial - Case dismissed - Key argument - Need to Join Obama10/27/08

Strategy for the Next Trials




More Communications About The Lawsuit


10/18/08 The Widow's Mite and  Why I Filed???

Dear Mr. Marquis,

Thank you for your lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s failure to provide proof of citizenship. He should have to provide as much proof of citizenship/birth for the job he wants as I have to prove for a job I want.  The dollar is for your cause. All I can spare now – and Obama’s socialism will make jobs that much scarcer. Sincerely Tamara,    Bedford Texas







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