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Have we met?

shill huh - The republicans don't want to be in any way connected to our work

                None of us have any previous connection with each other - we are just sharing helping each other


The statement regarding the lawsuits is broad because they are in various stages of readiness, 3 patterned after, or inspired by, my arguments, 2 predated mine and have been well published and seek the same goal - truth about Obama.

Almost every day a new state gets started -When I think they are really going forward they get listed; in this case I gave the email contacts in the Press Release. If there is a mistake I apologize - this is no organization - just a grassfire and it is quite something for me to behold what has taken hold.


WA filed and due in court on Mon

Ct I believe was served today or perhaps tomorrow, Ill have to check.

Ga will be before the judge tomorrow.

PN Ongoing as well publicized

HI  Ongoing as well publicized

VI  Filed 10/22  hearing 29th


Look I don't know who you are, when these folks call me and ask for help in filing, a small cadre of like minded folks do what we can to help. If it looks like they are serious and the paperwork is moving forward, I list them as filers. As fast as we can go, the process personally is laborious, really.  But I believe each of the following should have lawsuits being prepared ready to go any day.


I am getting sooo little sleep now, perhaps that wording as submitted to me could have been tighter, but it does represent reality that these suits really are going forward. That's real and to the best of my knowledge..


Current list of additional committed filers that should be in the court houses in the next couple days






I hope this helps to clarify the exact status of each of these pending & actually court filed lawsuits.


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Please verify that there are 8 states filing lawsuits. your site and the ones you are affiliated with are the only ones putting out this blanket statement, word for word. It appears this is all coming from the API. I could find nothing about Connecticut, California, New York, etc.. filing anything. You have to substantiate these  claims, or you are considered a shill for the opposition.

I support the Berg filing. Please don't muddy the waters and ruin the cause by your unfounded claims unless you can prove them. You are in effect discrediting the effort to get the truth about Obama!

Regards, Barry