Pre-1892 six-month jail term on anyone carrying a handgun

1892 required individuals to have a basic permit

1913 The first specific search, seizure and forfeiture powers

1919-1920 required individuals to obtain a permit to possess a firearm, 1921 only Ďaliensí needed a permit to possess firearms.

1932-1933 now Permits only issued to protect life or property, or club.

1934 required records identifying owner, address and the firearm ID

1938 Handguns had to be re-registered every five.

1939-1944 During the war years, rifles and shotguns had to be registered.

1950 Certificates became valid indefinitely.

1951 registry system for handguns was centralized

1968-1969 the first time, police had preventive powers to search for firearms and seize them if they had a warrant from a judge,

1976 licencing to acquire or possess firearms or ammunition.

1979 screening of applicants and record-keeping systems. applicants to take a firearm safety course.

1991-1994 applicants to provide a photograph and two references; imposing a mandatory 28-day waiting period ; and more background information, a more detailed screening check -passfirearms safety course.

1995 licences to possess and acquire ALL firearms, and to buy ammunition;

1996 safe storage, display and transportation requirements for individuals and businesses; conditions for transferring firearms from one owner to another;

1998 the operation of shooting clubs and shooting ranges; gun shows