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New Steve and Jean 2007 family newsletter


Steve and Jean 2006 family newsletter

This is fun - Steve's definitely got "the Knack"


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This site is intended to be a central link for all family members where uplifting stories and events can be recorded for all to enjoy. It is a master genealogy page where past lives and present can find connection by sharing our lives. As family members contribute journals and photo essays, they will be linked in and those who sign up for notice will be made aware of the new material.



Web Master: My name is Steve Marquis.  A portion of my family history can be reviewed below. I have a passion for God, Family, Boy Scouts, Politics, Science Outdoors and Horses.  My allies say they're glad I'm on their side and I've been told I enjoy debating, but what I really enjoy is coming to a unity of faith based on truth. I can be contacted at

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