Part of my family hails from several American Indian Tribes. Each of their names simply means the People. 

The People's Ranch has been created to be a collection of articles, essays, links, journals and pictures. The Web master contributed all the initial entries and invites others to contribute to it's growing content. 

Under Politics are best of class essays on key contemporary issues facing our people. Input is solicited.

Under Faith, there are provocative essays covering key items of religious faith. I encourage contributions and I am very tolerant of other well presented viewpoints.

In the Fun page, journals and pictures of adventures and enjoyment are to be found. 

In the Family section, personal history is included. I would like to create a great tree where one could traverse the generations and read about the stories and events of each others lives. I think this would help to bring the people together.

In the last major category is about Service and involvement in the community. The Webmaster has included picture and written journals of his time with the Boy Scouts.  As with all other sections, my entries are intended to inspire you to add yours.


Church &Community


If you need help in using these pages or contributing, contact peoplesvoice@peoplespassions.org  Who is the Webmaster??

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