Protest and send the message to the community. As a sign of patriotism to our land and constitution; Fly your flags starting on inauguration day upside down

This is indeed the time of Distress, where our constitution is about to be shredded; the freedom of speech squelched, the right to bear arms eliminated, the prohibition of an army used against its own people repealed, our borders opened and our sovereignty globalized. 

When Washington triumphed over Cornwallis, the flummoxed British were humiliated by the song, "The World Turned Upside Down."  227 years later it appears that a British Usurper will finally serve up King George's revenge. Obama has withheld any official documentation (like a common birth certificate) to dispel any of the following: Our best evidence is that Obama was actually born of a communist organizer (runs in the family) British father in British controlled Kenya and a communist inspired mother; Adopted at the age of 2 by another foreign national and raised in his formative years in the Islamo-Fascist state of Indonesia, groomed as a teenager by the communist homosexual/pedophile Frank Davis, financed into higher education by Arab benefactors and apprenticed by the domestic terrorist and admitted murderer William Ayers, spiritually advised and mentored by the "God Damn America" firebrand preacher Jeremiah Wright and launched into public office by all of the above. Oh yes, the Chickens have indeed come home to roost.