The Snoqualmie school district, despite its agreement with parent groups like CODE and its own stated policy of political neutrality and focus on the academics still has a few demigods bent on using the captive impressionable minds of our children to preach their private religious and political hobby horses.

For example, despite the formal policy of non sponsorship of the "Gay Day" a Mount Si teacher violated the policy and forced the entire class to read gay poetry and then demanded that the class discuss how they felt about the reading. When several students objected to having homosexual acts virtually forced down their throats, the teacher lambasted the brave dissenters telling them they were just going to have to get over it.

I am here to impress the importance of clear guidelines and repercussions to teachers and administrators to wit that all district personnel should reserve their demagoguery for their private coffee clutches not the classrooms.

The ether is filling with the scariest reports of what amounts to publicly sponsored personality worship previously only seen in communist and fascist dictatorships.

In New Jersey, second-graders were taught to sing the spiritual "Jesus Loves the Little Children" in which Jesus' name was replaced with Obama's. They sang, "He said red, yellow, black, or white/All are equal in his sight/Barack Hussein Obama."

Proving that this rewritten Jesus-song wasn't an aberration, New Jersey second-graders were taught to sing a second Obama-personality-cult song to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

†††† "Mr. President we honor you today!/For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say 'hooray.'/Hooray, Mr. President! You're number one!/Hooray Mr. President, we're really proud of you!/So continue, Mr. President, we know you'll do the trick/So here's a hearty hip hooray, Hip, hip hooray!"

These songs were not spontaneous kiddie exuberance or extracurricular playground activity. Video makes clear that the teacher was methodically instructing the children and her actions were backed by the administration who only seemed annoyed about the video tape.

The teacher also led the children in giving a sort of Heil Obama salute. On cue, they outstretched their right hands, accentuating their community of action in praising Obama.

This has got to stop and the best way to stop it is to never start it. I want you to assure me that you have effective policies in place to stop this before it gets started.

I would also like to suggest developing a method for students to confidentially report on such district policy violations. I can assure you that even strong minded students that brought this to my attention are very much afraid of personal recriminations that disclosure would bring.

Perhaps you donít have an answer off the cuff, but in the near term I'd like to know how you plan on reemphasizing to your staff the policy of political neutrality on the one hand and on the other, how you will provide a non-intimidating forum and protection for those students who wish to bring their concerns forward.

Steve Marquis

Fall City



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