Dear School Board Members and Superintendents, Friends of our Youth,


Youth Safety and Coercion

Thank you for your attentiveness during my brief presentation. I am sure it is difficult to dwell on potential troubles let alone current and obvious ones. I am sorry if my presentation may have been somewhat halting, but that should underscore my point that what seems natural and easy to you, who are accustomed to these surrounding, seems most intimidating to those who are not routinely exposed to that forum. If I, who can freely lead and speak to a 1000 people in one context, can be tongue-tied in this otherwise friendly atmosphere then you should understand the problem of a youth who has been abused by a teacher’s overreach of power; wielded in the context of education. For that person to run the gauntlet of an unknown and uncertain procedure, perceived as both intimidating and likely to be fraught with opportunities for personal exposure, is too much to ask.


That is why I asked you guardians to develop, publish and promote such a means to facilitate accountability and free feedback, with appropriate measures to prevent abuse that total anonymity might engender.  I would like a formal response to this critical concern that I may be assured that my young friends’ interests have been seriously addressed.


If you feel the need to personally communicate with those who experienced “Gay Day” enabling behaviors in class to the outright coercion experience by others, I believe that can be arranged. I think, however, that the concern I raised is clear enough and a means forward that protects all should be readily achieved without the attendant hullabaloo that formal testimony and complaint would attend.


I will inform you that the worst of the teachers who clearly used coercive practices was REDACTED  and I will leave it at that unless you wish to pursue this with the 1st hand participants.



Included is the text of my comments delivered this evening regarding politics and personality cult worship seen in a number of publish schools.

Also viewable at



Building Expansion and Construction

Lastly as an engineer (and tax payer) , I was quite pleased to see that the suggestion I addressed a few months back for additional levels at Mt Si had received serious consideration. I would like to reiterate one point though that may assist in the logistics of such a build cycle.

A)     There is a construction technique that has been used on existing buildings and specifically schools that builds a superstructure completely over the existing structure presenting no load at all to the existing 1 or 2 story which could, if timed correctly, allow for concurrent occupation of the existing structure. Think of remodeling downtown- it can and is routinely done and done safely.

B)     Rather than build up everywhere, build higher yet in one wing isolating the construction trauma. This is a valid approach even if you demolished the existing structure.

C)     Parking structure. This is a huge expense. Perhaps that is still a decent trade off for the real estate gained, but it is also worth promoting the trendy green concept of car pooling as seriously promote and incentivize it!


Well that is probably quite a lot from one citizen in one evening. It may be tough to hear, but is intended to be helpful and preventative. The last thing you want is another angry crowd jamming your room when another outlandish excess occurs on your watch! I want to prevent that too and see the focus, like I am certain you do, on total academics.


Good Luck

Citizen Steve