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Morph to Malcolm by PolarikIf Barack Hussein Obama II is Malcolm X's biological son and ideological heir, it would uniquely explain the mystery of why he was so generously helped by so many Arab and communist "friends in high places" long before he was a "somebody."

Malcolm ensured his secret son would learn the ways of Islam, of revolution, tutored by the finest socialist ideologues of his time, and the future, funded by Saudi and Syrian financiers. He would be groomed for leadership, educated and trained to organize the community called the United States of America.

Morph of Barack O to Malcolm X courtesy Polarik.

Publisher's note: This article has elicited more than its fair share of death threats, but that is not the reason that it has been removed. We are deliberating how to proceed with this keg of dynamite. We thank our readers for their understanding and valuable contributions.

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Israel Insider also invites Israel Insider members to post interesting pairings of "O" and "X" photos, audio, and video that highlight a possible "family resemblance."

Here's the superb photo-presentation of our reader and member Octaman. You may also want to visit an interesting post on Pamela Geller's excellent Atlas Shrugs blog that previously raised the Malcolm-Obama connection and provided some invaluable clues used in the suppressed article.

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