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Joint the Class Action Lawsuit against Obamacare. Over 13,000 have and it’s only been a few days. Let’s make this such a large number that the class action status is assured.

Everyone- Click here & Join the “Repeal Obamacare” Class action Lawsuit Now

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted a draft of a legal approach that has the potential to overturn the abusive interpretations of the commerce clause that has given us unbelievable intrusion of the federal government in every aspect of our lives. This lawyer from Tennessee, Van Irion, is championing this very cause. He is also a serious contender in the congressional race. Add your name now! I signed up tonight.

Don’t delay Click here, Join yourself and tell all you know!

From Van Irion Esq’s web site:

The purpose of this lawsuit is to reverse the Supreme Court precedent that led Congress to believe they had the right to pass Obamacare. Since FDR packed the court with "progressive" judges, the Supreme Court has repeatedly erred in its interpretation of the Constitutional role of the Federal Government. Recent Supreme Court rulings hint that they may be willing to take another look at the precedent relating to the Commerce and General Welfare clauses. Obamacare is so over reaching and so onerous, that it must either be repealed in Congress or struck down in the courts. We must fight this on both fronts. This is our historic opportunity to reverse America’s trend toward Socialism by overturning unconstitutional precedent.

If you are a US citizen and agree with the goal of this lawsuit, please join us. If every person that marched or wanted to march in DC on 9-12 joined this suit, we would have millions of plaintiffs. That is a powerful message to the courts that will hear this case from the Eastern District of Tennessee all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Please join me. There is no cost Help repeal socialism now.

God Speed the Right,

Steve Marquis