FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Lawsuits Battle In Connecticut and California against Obama

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Ø     Cort Wrotnowski  of Connecticut filed suit against the Secretary of state last week and will be heard before the Connecticut Supreme Court today. He will argue that Obama has fraudulently displayed an irrelevant document claiming it validated his claim to Natural born Citizenship when in fact it does not.

Ø     Copy of his filing may be found at


Wrotnowski sidesteps the whole question of authenticity and proves that Obama is displaying the wrong document altogether and is making fraudulent claims that it proves citizenship when it does not.

The two very different certificates can be seen side by side at this site – no experts required. Anyone can easily understand.

This effort is on the heels of 2 recent lawsuits in Ohio and 1 in Washington State by Steve Marquis. The message is the same that Mr. Obama is hiding something Big and is using every effort to keep it that way.  No lawsuit to date has been thrown out on the merits of the case, Obama’s skillful use of technicalities has shielded him to date on having to answer one substantive question and NO birth Certificate has yet been released.

Complicit allies in some media circles have tried to downplay lawsuit after lawsuit, but they won't go away. The wave of lawsuits keep building because the people demand to know and wont go away quietly into the night!

Cort argued, “It is preposterous that Mr. Obama is flaunting this fraud and won't pony up a copy of his vault birth certificate” A recent AP story quoting the Hawaiian Health Department official notably failed to confirm any detail that would tell us which if any Hawaiian city/hospital he was born in. Notable, the Certification of birth” Obama displayed is in fact routinely issued for babies born out of State by mothers claiming previous Hawaiian residency.

The two birth certificates are shown side by side at this web site and it does not take an expert to see the problem – One could not get on most little league teams with the Barack version!

Ø     In a Separate Lawsuit  in California, Monday 11/3 Pam Patterson Esq of California, will argue in Superior Court. She filed suit naming Obama and several complicit government entities. She argues that they should have had some reasonable oversight but did nothing as the Obama machine trampled the constitution regarding the persistent issue regarding verification of "natural born citizenship.  Pam argues, “only someone perpetrating a fraud would withhold this document that is freely used and shown by most all Americans.  What does that say about Barack?”

“An investigation into Obama’s reentry into the states and his mothers residency requirements may show that he is not even entitled to a green card,” said Steve Marquis. “I will continue to track the progress of related and  unrelated lawsuits aimed at the largest rash of lawsuits ever filed to see a lousy birth certificate,”

We issue this call to Barack:

Stand up Obama or Stand Down”

. You are not going to have it both ways.  We will have no usurper as commander in Chief.