Final Contact with Congress Before the Electoral Vote are Counted

Posted by Steve Marquis on Dec 23, 2008

Contact your Congressman/Senator local office.  Ask on behalf of yourself and a couple friends or organization if you are part of such to have a brief 10 15 minute visit. This will be more successful if you come as a small group about 3 is a right size.

If they can't find the time for you to meet, ask if you can meet with their chief of staff instead. 

Included here are 3 short documents - straight to the point that you can leave with them and could form the basis for some of your brief discussion. present your BRIEF case AND THEN this is what we'd like you to ask for:

I am asking that you join in a Congressional or Senate investigation, formal or otherwise, and file a joint written objection with the Federal Registry which is required to be signed from a member from both houses to challenge Barack Obama‚Äôs certification as the next President of the United States.  His candidacy should be rejected unless he provides unimpeachable proof that he is in fact eligible to take office.  This MUST be done before the Congress reconvenes for the formal count on January 8, 2009. 

You can print out these word documents  - Best wishes and please let me know how your visits went.